Health Check your Home Computer

If the performance of your home computer has slowed down over time, or you have been experiencing strange or unexpected behaviour, this can often be largely remedied by some careful maintenance of you system. We can give your computer a complete health check, including:

  • Virus Scanning and Removal
  • Removal of Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Rootkits, Unwanted Programs
  • Performance Tweaks
  • Hard Disk Data Integrity
  • Free advice ALWAYS included, to protect you and your family online.

Home visits are available to all customers in the TQ and PL postcode district (South Devon and North East Corwall), and are currently free to customers in the TQ9 area, including Totnes, and outlying villages.

See our packages below.

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Accidentally deleted data, volumes and partitions can often be partially or fully recovered, by the use of various software utilities, these tools care powerful, but if your data is mission critical, or sensitive informtation, you may want to put those tools in the hands of an experienced data recovery expert.

In addition to the recovery of accidentally lost data, we are also able in some cases to restore data from drives where the disk's magnetic integrity is weakened by age or electromagnetic interference.


Sound Design

Using any or all of; field recordings, my extensive sound library, third party samples and my own studio based synthesis and production trickery, I can produce complete or partial sets of audio cues for any kind of production. Including:

  • Theatres/Shows.
  • Exhibitions / Performance Space
  • Film/Cinema

I am able to produce sounds in any format, and for any type sound installation, including any scale or complexity of surround sound or bespoke systems. Contact me with your requirements!


Music Composition

Whether you need royalty free music, or a specially written Jingle, Soundtrack, or film score. Indigo Sphere is here to help. Our creative department has a great of in house expertise and talent. We will also work with specific performers and artists should you require it. In combination with our other audio and music services, we can provide you with a finshed audio product.